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OCM (Formerly Pika CMS) is a user friendly, web-based, centralized case management system tailored to meet the specific needs of the not-for-profit legal services program. If you know how to use a web browser, you know how to use OCM.

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About OCM

The Problem

Finding a cost effective, easy-to-manage method for centralizing case management computing resources continues to be an issue for the legal aid community. These organizations require a technology that can link multiple, geographically-separate offices in an simple, low-cost manner. Existing strategies are either expensive, complicated, or require high speed Internet access, which is not universally available.

The Solution

The answer is to integrate case management functions into a website, which can be accessed by attorneys and staff from any computer - from any office, from home, or on the road. Open Case Management (OCM, Previously known as Pika Software) is the code name for a new CMS (Case Management System), developed specifically for use by not-for-profit legal aid organizations. OCM is actually a website, designed to handle case management tasks. It is accessible with any current web browser, including Google® Chrome, Mozilla® Firefox, and Microsoft® Internet Explorer. The integration of case management into a website provides an easy, flexible, and inexpensive way of connecting multiple offices and telecommuters to a single, centralized CMS.

The Advantages

OCM is designed from the ground up to run over the web, and is the only CMS to provide true website access to legal aid programs. As a "website CMS", OCM has several advantages over both Windows-based, non-centralized systems and "thin client" (Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server) centralized systems. These advantages translate into easier administration, better scalability and significant financial savings. OCM has lower hardware requirements than traditional Windows-based applications. This means that old desktop computers, which are too old to run the latest Windows case management application, can still be used to access the OCM system. The lower network bandwidth requirements of OCM mean that it will use less bandwidth, even when many people are using the system concurrently, and can be used across your existing Internet connections. Administration costs are also greatly reduced with a website-based system, since there's no special software to install and maintain on each of the workstations. Once OCM is installed on the web server, it's instantly available to all your staff. Finally, OCM is compatible with low cost, Open Source technologies, such as Linux, Apache and MySQL. These tools take the place of expensive, proprietary software such as MS SQL Server, Citrix and MS Terminal Server.

Technical Information

Open Case Management is a case management system featuring a browser-based user interface. It is user friendly and tailored to meet the specific needs of the not-for-profit legal services program. It is freely available under the GPL v2 open source license. OCM is designed to run on a Linux web server running Apache, PHP, and an SQL database. OCM requires the following PHP modules: curl, DOM, JSON, mbstring, mcrypt, mysql, SimpleXML, SOAP, and zip.

In-depth technical information, including installation instructions, can be found within the OCM documentation and wiki on Github


For support, check out the OCM Google Group to ask questions and get help from other OCM users. We also offer support contracts to some of our clients. Contact us for more details.


Here are the 2018 rates for the services we provide:


12 months of hosting at our datacenter including unlimited technical support by phone & email: $5,750 for the first 40 users, then an additional $200 for each additional 20 users.

There is also typically an on-boarding fee for the first year of hosting; this cost varies depending on the needs of the organization.

Data Conversion

Starting at a flate rate of $5,500* per database.

*Does not include any files (Word documents, PDFs, etc.) stored in the database. Very complicated databases may increase the price.


Introductory training is $550 per session and the Advanced training is $650 per session. Trainings last around 3 hours with up to 6 people attending.

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